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NPC Meeting is on 26th June 2024

Joining Akarana

Akarana is looking for new venue operators to partner with it in order to increase the support provided to local sporting and other community groups.

Akarana sets itself apart from other gaming societies as follows:

Akarana recognises that the number one priority for venue operators is to ensure that their venue payment is maximised. Akarana helps its venue operators to grow their commission- based venue payment by providing a fleet of proven gaming machines, coupled with regular performance reviews, and regular equipment replacement. Akarana does not tolerate old equipment that frequently breaks down.

Akarana has a small number of high-performing venues, and therefore has the financial means to invest in new equipment and professional support. If equipment fails, replacement equipment is installed immediately.

Akarana will establish a capital refurbishment plan, supported by game analysis.

Akarana will provide support from experts who can help you gain an understanding of gaming machine returns to players, and the different jackpot options available. Game volatility and theoretical return to player has an impact on gaming turnover and therefore the commission payment received.

Akarana will ensure your gambling equipment, venue management software, note counters, and coin scales are of a high quality. Akarana will provide your venue with the latest QEC venue management system, which includes essential venue turnover reporting. Akarana will invest in new, innovative jackpots.

Akarana prides itself on ensuring its signage and compliance material is not only up to date, but is also presented professionally and is easy for venue staff to understand and use. All Akarana venues have Reveal electronic compliance signage, and custom-designed venue compliance folders.

Akarana prioritises the health and safety of its venue staff. Akarana will invest in modern, high-quality security systems including digital CCTV, smart safes, security screens, and panic alarms. Akarana is willing to trial ticket-out technology and secure cash dispensing terminals, to reduce coin handling at venues and improve security.

Akarana knows that prompt, professional gaming machine service is crucial to the successful running of a venue. Akarana engages industry leader, Servco, to provide platinum service to its venues.

If Akarana is your society, you will benefit from direct personal service, and you will always deal with senior representatives such as the general manager or a trustee direct. If a decision needs to be made, it can be made promptly. Akarana will be upfront and honest; there will be no broken promises. We do what we say we are going to do.

An Akarana representative will visit your venue fortnightly. The visit will not be to talk about rugby and the weather; it will be a genuine engagement in how the business is performing, and what Akarana can do to help continuously improve the business. Akarana’s representatives have a real understanding of the gaming industry. We are committed to keeping you up to date with machine performance information, industry trends, compliance, and new gaming technology.

Akarana will arrange for regular training to be provided by leading industry experts. The training will include harm minimisation, class 4 compliance, and training on how to resolve minor equipment faults/errors.

Akarana has undergone a comprehensive audit by the Department of Internal Affairs and has been relicensed. Akarana has a good working relationship with Department of Internal Affairs staff.

Akarana is committed to making high-quality grants that make a real difference. Regardless of where your venue is located, Akarana will ensure that the local community benefits from the funding generated. Akarana does not make grants to the racing industry.

When a venue changes to Akarana, we deal with the outgoing society and make all the necessary arrangements. In any changeover, Akarana’s priority is to ensure the transition takes place smoothly.

If you would like to would like to maximise your commission-based venue payment via the use
of modern, high-performing equipment, please call Janu Singh on 022 268 6910 or email

Akarana Community Trust