The next Meeting is on the 27th November, 2018.

Approved Grants

If you would like to express your appreciation regarding the support received, you are welcome to use Akarana’s name and logo with your promotional material and advertising. 

You are welcome to acknowledge the funding received from Akarana by:

  • Mentioning Akarana in your newsletter or website.
  • Posting that funding has been received on your Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram.
  • Acknowledging Akarana at your event.
  • Using our logo and branding at your event.
  • Naming your event, competition or capital project after Akarana.
  • Placing a sign or plaque that details where funding for the project was received.

Please also email to Akarana photos of your event so we can share these on our website and social media.

Download the Akarana Logo here