The next Meeting is on the 27th November, 2018.

Funding Tips

Akarana prioritises grants to organisations based in the same area as their gaming venues, i.e., it priorities local grants.

If Akarana does not have a venue in your region, consider applying to another gaming society that does.  A list of the gaming societies and the location of their venues can be found by doing a Google search for “DIA funding for community groups”.

Akarana gives priority to the Indian community.

Detail in your application how the Indian community will benefit from the grant.

When applying for a grant, apply for items that will simplify the subsequent grant audit and accountability process that Akarana has to undertake.  

It is easy for Akarana to verify that capital items (e.g. iPads, whiteboards, playground equipment and motor vehicles) have been purchased in accordance with the grant.  Applications for capital items that will last several years and benefit a large number of people tend to be preferred.  Grant items do not need be “sexy”. It is acceptable to apply for affiliation fees, rates, rent, insurance and salaries.

Akarana needs to be satisfied that the price of the item applied for is reasonable.  

It is therefore important that the application includes two quotes from unrelated suppliers.  The grant applicant should obtain the quotes themselves, rather than have one supplier organise the second quote. If only one quote is available, it is important to state in the application why this is the case and to provide some other evidence to confirm that the price of the items for which funding is sought is reasonable.

Akarana is not permitted to fund items that have already been paid for.  

The grant recipient must not pay for the item before the grant is approved.  To avoid breaching the retrospective rules, it is prudent not to apply for items that are required to be paid for within six to eight weeks of lodging the application.

The grant money must be spent on the items specified in the grant form.  

Grant applications should therefore avoid being too specific when describing the item in the grant form.  For example, if the grant application seeks funding for rent for the month of May, the grant money may only be used for the May rent payment.  To allow greater flexibility, it is better to simply seek funding for one month’s rent.

If the grant applicant is GST-registered, the grant application should only seek the GST-exclusive cost.

There is no formal prohibition on seeking funding for items purchased directly from overseas.  

However, New Zealand suppliers are preferred, as this makes the subsequent grant audit and accountability process easier.

Avoid applying for clothing.  

Grants cannot be made for clothing, playing strips and uniforms if the item of clothing will in reality become owned by the individual and tend not to be handed back to the club at the end of the season.  Playing uniforms or playing strips may be acceptable when the uniforms are clearly used by multiple people over a long period.

Avoid applying for food or alcohol.

Do not apply for purely social activities, such as end-of-year prize-giving ceremonies, school reunions or similar functions.

Prioritise funding applications that involve youth, and avoid applying for funding for elite/high-performance sportspersons.

Ensure that Akarana’s grant form is used and filled out in full, and that all supporting documentation requested is provided.

One of the requirements is that a resolution seeking funding be provided.  Below is an example of the resolution wording:

It was agreed at the committee meeting held on the 15th of September 2017 of the South Auckland Community Trust to apply to The Akarana Community Trust Limited for a donation to cover the costs of a new laptop.

I certify that this is a true and correct record of a resolution passed at this meeting.

David Singh
South Auckland Community Trust

It is also helpful to provide a clear cost breakdown. 

Below is an example of a good cost breakdown:

Item Supplier 1 - Preferred Quote Cost (ex GST) Supplier 2 - Preferred Quote Cost (ex GST)
Laptop PB Tech $999.00 Noel Leeming $1,100.00
Printer PB Tech $399.00 Noel Leeming $449.00
Office desk OfficeMax $799.00 Warehouse Stationery $825.00
Office chair Warehouse Stationery $300.0 Fuze Interiors $350.00
Painting ABC Paintworks $1,500.00 David’s Paint Shop $2,000.00
Total Requested   $3,997.00    

The directors have a large number of applications each month to consider.  It is therefore best to keep your pitch document clear and concise.  Lengthy, waffly supporting documents are unlikely to be read.  Keep it clear and short (half a page is best) and provide photos showing your organisation in action.

If funding is received, it is prudent to promptly provide Akarana with all the grant audit and accountability documentation requested.  If an organisation obtains a reputation for being tardy with their accountability documents, they are less likely to obtain future funding.  Akarana should be promptly supplied with an invoice for the item purchased, evidence of payment, a bank statement showing the payment going out, and a photo of the item or event.  Any money not spent on the specific items requested must be promptly returned.