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NPC Meeting is on 26th June 2024

Akarana’s Story

Akarana is dedicated to supporting amateur sport, assisting those in need by supporting programmes such as breakfasts in schools, and supporting well-established cultural and religious organisations that have a track record of providing substantial community benefit.


Akarana welcomes grant applications from a wide range of non-profit organisations.

Akarana has held a gaming licence since 2012.

Akarana is committed to operating professionally, using industry best practice. Akarana’s directors and senior staff have a good working relationship with the regulator.

Akarana would not exist, and would not be able to provide valuable community funding, without its partner venues.

Akarana is dedicated to supporting its venues by providing modern, high-performing gaming machines, high-quality service, and the best possible training and technical support. Akarana is looking for venues to partner with it, to increase the local community support that it provides.

Akarana Community Trust