Authorised Purpose Statement

Authorised Purpose Statement of the Akarana Community Trust

The Akarana Community Trust shall give priority to funding applications which support the local Indian Community. In particular the Trust wishes to strongly support applications that benefit local community centres, amateur sport in general and the young members of the Indian Community

Akarana Community Trust may make grants for authorised purposes as follows:

  1. any charitable purpose;
  2. any non-commercial purpose that is beneficial to the whole or a section of the community; and
  3. promoting, controlling, and conducting race meetings under the Racing Act 2003, including the payment of stakes.

The above authorised purpose includes, but is not limited to:

  1. non-profit community cultural or arts festivals;
  2. non-profit radio stations;
  3. non-profit museums and art galleries;
  4. advertising charitable appeals and non-profit cultural events;
  5. providing public amenities and recreational facilities, e.g. community centres, soccer/rugby grandstands, sports centres, national parks, public halls, libraries, statues, temples, fountains, playing fields, gymnasiums, swimming pools, parks, churches, and botanical gardens;
  6. amateur sport in connection with community centres, particular schools, technical colleges or universities;
  7. amateur sport which involves the pursuit of physical fitness;
  8. providing education through community centres, early childhood centres, schools and universities;
  9. providing student scholarships (up to secondary level) and prizes for academic or sporting achievement;
  10. developing the character of young people, e.g. youth groups or mentor programmes;
  11. public health services including education, counselling and rehabilitation services;
  12. providing public works and services, e.g. building roads, car parks and bridges;
  13. protecting the environment, e.g. re-vegetation, afforestation, and conservation;
  14. supporting non-commercial emergency rescue services; and
  15. supporting animal shelters or sanctuaries; and
  16. the support of immigrants and their integration into the local community; and
  17. the purchase of land and the development and maintenance of community centres, sporting centres, or other facilities that benefit the community or a section of the community.

Grants will not be made for:

  1. personal or commercial gain;
  2. professional sport;
  3. groups or individuals standing for an election to public office.

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